Don’t take our word for it…

“Everything was first-rate.  The entire staff was friendly.  The equipment was clean and well-maintained.  I was always seen promptly at my appointment times.  They took the time to explain the ‘why’ behind each exercise in easy-to-understand language.  I really appreciated the fact that I had a personalized treatment plan that evolved with my progress and was not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.”

Kevin V.

“The care was superior, and I made fast progress in a short amount of time.  They encouraged me even when I had doubts about my progress.”

Stephen F.

“All staff was extremely helpful and pleasant.  All were concerned with my comfort level and endurance level.  I recommend them highly for other patients in need.”

Nancy P.

“It is the attention you get with each session.  You get me back to what I want to do.  30-plus years of running and exercising have created some problems, and you guys at Oil Valley Physical Therapy know how to fix it.  I have been to clinics in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo, and you guys are by far the BEST.”

Dick N.

“Having had several significant problems resolved in a positive manner by Oil Valley Physical Therapy, I am very pleased to suggest others take advantage of this great facility.  The medical knowledge, willingness to work with doctors, and patient and accommodating scheduling is terrific.  Also, enjoy your time in the pool!!”

Dana B.

“The entire staff is very friendly, and they work with you according to your needs to make sure you are getting the right exercises.  They also work around any limitations you may have to make sure you don’t get hurt but to help you get stronger and heal within a reasonable time frame.”

Kim W.

“The staff were all great and able to answer my questions very well.  I would recommend this place to everyone.”

Carol W.

“After double-knee replacement in July 2010, my surgeon recommended aqua therapy for my recovery program.  Oil Valley Physical Therapy seemed like the perfect fit, especially since I had great previous success with Steve Kriner and Dan Hasbrouck after another surgery.  I found the entire staff at Oil Valley Physical Therapy to be very knowledgeable, helpful, and at the same time, compassionate during my recovery.”

Michael S.

“Every person in Oil Valley Physical Therapy has been VERY helpful.  They treat the patients with kindness and expertise.  If ever necessary again, I would choose Oil Valley Physical Therapy over all others.”

Sandra B.

“Everyone was professional, kind, and caring.  Great experience.  Andy and Nicki are definitely an asset to the team.  I could not have asked for a more caring, friendly, and knowledgeable team.  Thank you!”

Christine R.

“I find the people in this facility to be upbeat, positive, and professional at all times.  Anytime I have a physical problem that won’t heal after several months, I go to Oil Valley Physical Therapy and come away healed and stronger.  I like to maintain my healing by working out in their fitness center.”

Virginia M.

“The program was discussed with me and then followed by all members of the Oil Valley Physical Therapy team.  All staff were friendly, professional, accommodating and communicative.”

Dwight P.