Aquatics Therapy at Oil Valley Physical Therapy

Titusville’s ONLY Aquatic Therapy Pool!

Oil Valley’s therapeutic pool is kept between 90-94 degrees for not only your comfort, but also because this range reaches the ideal temperature for therapeutic benefits by inducing vasodilation to draw the blood into target tissues. This increased blood flow delivers needed oxygen and nutrients and removes cell waste. The warmth also relaxes tense muscles, decreases muscle spasm, relieves pain, and can increase range of motion. Our pool also provides an underwater treadmill for initial ambulatory exercises, therapeutic jets for pain relief and muscle relaxation, as well as an adjustable current jet which allows for a higher level of both static and dynamic exercises.

About Our Pool

Aquatics Pool at OVPTOil Valley Physical Therapy uses a new, state-of-the-art salt water system in the therapy pool rather than the chlorine system used previously. The switch was made because salt water has natural therapeutic and health benefits that chlorinated water does not have. Advantages include no red eyes, no irritated skin, and no damage to hair or clothing.

Physical therapy in this mild saline solution is much like taking a shower in soft water. Generally, when people are in a traditionally-chlorinated pool, their skin dries quicker upon exiting the pool and there is a white residue (chlorine flaking) on their skin. In Oil Valley Physical Therapy’s salt water pool, the water feels smooth, the skin feels smooth, and many people feel more refreshed. It is also far more suitable for people with allergies or asthma since there is no chlorine in the air.

At Oil Valley Physical Therapy, we take pride in knowing that our therapy pool is safe for our patients and therapists. Every month, samples are sent to our lab to be tested.

Every one of our monthly Bacteriological Analysis Reports have been deemed as “bacteria safe.”

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